What is a Colon Machine?

A Colon Machine is a device that is used to cleanse the large intestine of any person from age group of 5 and above.

It is a process during which filtered warm water is sent through “approx 6 feet” large intestine of a person for internal cleansing and detox of the colon. The repetition of water going in and exiting the intestine along with waste matter, till plain water with no waste comes out, leaves the patient feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

It also ensures that constipation condition is  improved a whole lot and provides great relief to any other body conditions that are due to the intestinal issues.

The Colon Machine is designed to cleanse the colon in the most scientific manner with zero side effects and with utmost safety.

This machine can be purchased

1. By hospitals as part of patient preparation for long surgeries where intestine needs to be empty to avoid contamination of operation theatre.

2.By Medispa’s as part of health packages offered.

3. Obesity Clinics / Slimming centers as part of cleansing body of toxics and building better vitamin absorption capacities;

4. By  individuals  who want to safely conduct Colon Hydrotherapy by themselves at their homes.

How does it work?

The procedure involves purified flitered warm water that is temperature controlled at 38 degrees Celsius. This flows through the disposable nozzle and into the rectum of the person. The warm water in the rectum encourages defecation and the softened fecal matter built up overtime in the colon flows out. It flows out through the drain pipe and you can see it exiting your body through on a video screen.

About 30 to 40 minutes into the session you can see clear water flowing on the video screen or  through the transparent drain pipe which signals that the Colon cleansing is complete and the  session is finished.

Potential Buyers :


A colon machine is an invaluable asset to hospitals that perform colonoscopy or prepare patient for any type of surgery.

For surgeries that go beyond 30 minutes, there is a chance that the patient might release fecal matter if they didn’t maintain a liquid diet. The patient needs some preparation before every surgery. He either has a choice to go to the hospital on an empty stomach or get colon cleansing session an hour or two before surgery. Colon cleansing session solves this problem by cleansing the patient’s colon within thirty minutes and making them ready for the surgery. The approach can cut two trips into one for the patient and improve business for the hospital as it enables them to do colonoscopy sessions thru out the day instead of restricting it to just a pre-noon service.

Any average person’s intestine takes a hit when they don’t take good care of their diet. Keeping the intestine clean repels most internal illnesses as it is responsible for most of the food and nutrition intake of the body. Regular colon cleansing keeps you healthy. It helps in temporary weight loss of half to one kilogram if checked before and after each session.

Children’s diets these days are loaded with unhealthy junk food. Colon cleansing makes them healthier, build their immunity and helps with better vitamin absorption and overall growth.

Personal Use
Some well known Hollywood  personalities use colon cleansing as a regular healthy practice in the privacy of their own home. Some of them use this  cleansing detox process to fight depression etc conditions as well.